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Hugh Munro Construction has been in business since 1959, starting out as a one-man, one-machine operation. Since then, it has grown into a prospering and viable business, employing approximately 100 full time employees and over 300 seasonal workers.


The company has diversified by engaging in several aspects of the construction industry as well as being actively involved in buying, selling, renting and repairing heavy equipment and vehicles.

With 50 years of operating in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, the Munro Group of Companies has established a reputation for providing excellent client service and attention to detail.

The combination of its history, dedication to client service, and attention to detail, has awarded Munro a major presence in the construction industry which continues to display consistent growth.


Our Story

Founded in 1959, starting out as a one-man, one machine operation. Winnipeg-based Hugh Munro Construction provides excavation and heavy construction services for Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The Munro Group of Companies (MGC) encompasses Hugh Munro Construction, Fort Whyte Lowbedding, and Lilyfield Quarry. The Group provides construction services to government entities, utility companies, and commercial developers. MGC has a substantial bonding capacity available for all sizes of tendered projects.

Colleen Munro


Colleen Munro is the owner and president of Hugh Munro Construction Ltd (HMC). Growing up, Colleen worked on construction sites learning the business from the ground up.

Upon completion of school, she joined the Hugh Munro Group of Companies and is now active in the day to day management and operations of all projects.

In addition to being one of the few female executives in the industry, she was the first female president of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association and the Western Canada Road Builders Association. Currently she a member of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Workforce Development and a board member of Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Colleen recognizes the strength of HMC is its diverse group of incredible people who have created a successful team for today and the future.


As a young man Hugh Munro started his business in 1959, the year his daughter was born. He operated his one piece of equipment by himself. Each year the company progressed until, in 1979, Hugh incorporated his business.

Early in the 1980’s Hugh purchased a crushing operation and began bidding on jobs in North Western Ontario and Manitoba. Satisfied that the crushing operation was a rewarding venture, he began bidding on base laying and common excavation on a much larger scale.

In 1990, Hugh bought and began to operate paving equipment, and thus, Pembina Paving (1990) Ltd was formed. As economic times got tougher, Hugh diverted his equipment and crew to Manitoba Telephone Systems’ project, plowing and installation of fiber-optic, voice frequency cable and equipment sales.

Hugh Munro

Hugh was well known in Ontario,  and all of Western Canada for his knowledge and professionalism in all fields of his company. Hugh traveled extensively across North America where he purchased, evaluated, and sold heavy equipment, which labeled him one of Manitoba’s best equipment evaluators. Today, this remains an extremely large portion of the HMC business.

Hugh is a past member of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association, a tradition which is now carried on by his daughter, Colleen.

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PHONE  204 – 224 – 9218
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General inquiries can be directed to

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1292 Brockville St.
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PHONE 204 – 224 – 9218

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