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Hugh Munro Construction’s shop is run by a professional engineer with over 20 years of construction and project management experience. The success of our service department is based on qualified knowledge and expertise of personnel. HMCL continues to invest in maintaining it’s fleet and is available to provide the same quality of service for the industry. Rates are available upon request for the shop, steam bay, body shop, truck shop and field service work.

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HMC was founded with excavation work and continues to maintain its strength within the industry. The expansive inventory of equipment is maintained ensuring optimum production and quality. The fleet is supervised by a long term employee with a history spanning over 25 years in construction excavation. Our trained operators complete the team of earthmovers skilled to move large quantities of materials.

Specialized plowing of fiber-optic cable throughout Manitoba and Ontario has allowed the expansion of the division proving the precision and expertise of HMC employees.


The manager of HMC’s Crushing Division has over 25 years of experience operating and managing all aspects of the crushing industry including pit rehabilitation, mining, base laying and crushing of various materials.

The majority of staff are long term employees with vast experience and knowledge in the crushing field. Expansion has led HMC to include consulting services in crusher sales, rentals, set ups and repairs.


Chip Sealing is the most effective alternative to paving available today. In fact, years ago, most of the nation’s roadways were chip sealed until the advent of a stronger material known as asphalt paving was created. Chip Sealing is economical and will provide a lower cost than a hot mix overlay for the same purpose. Chip Sealing on older asphalt or gravel roads will give you durability and slow down oxidation and water penetration, blocking out natural elements such as sun, wind, snow, frost, and ice. Chip sealing resists harmful man made materials as well such as fuel, antifreeze, oil and salt.

It is cheaper in the long term to provide maintenance and rehabilitation to our streets than it is to wait until the pavement has deteriorated to the point where complete reconstruction is required.


The engineering division at Hugh Munro Construction includes professional engineers, experienced estimators and project managers.

The division is responsible for tendering, project management, quality control and providing support to HMCL’s various divisions.

HMCL’s engineering department works closely with construction project owners and consulting firms to deliver good work “on time and on budget”.



HMCL has 24 shop bays equipped to overhaul engines, transmissions, and differentials of all makes and models of heavy construction equipment.

Certified mechanics maintain and repair trucks and trailers, adhering to strict safety regulations. They have the experience to repair heavy construction equipment of all types, makes and models. The parts department includes two full-time personnel with stocked inventory and access to specialized parts.

Fully equipped service trucks are available with field mechanics for all repair needs while on the construction site.

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Our trucking division is an arm of HMCL, servicing internal and external customers with both belly dumps and end dumps.

The majority of drivers have over 10 years experience delivering on-time service safely. Our superintendent has been in the business for over 35 years.



FWL is a division of HMCL providing transportation of heavy equipment throughout Canada. Our experienced dispatcher leads a team of seasoned drivers with impressive safety records. They specialize in heavy equipment hauling over winter roads.

Fort Whyte is equipped with state of the art decks including drop decks, trombone, and hydraulic removable gooseneck trailers with decks having anywhere from 6 – 9 axles.

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